S O U L   S E L F I E



It's true, we are two people.





First,  we are the person we present to those around us. This superficial façade is largely a mirror-like reflection of those around us.



Second, we are our real selves—someone we keep safely locked away from the scrutiny of others, and quite often, from ourselves.




MUSED. Soul Selfie workshops use poetry with yoga to help you combine your selves.

These workshops will teach you to reverse the self-limiting image you hold of yourself through practical creative writing exercises and reflective beach yoga. Participants will learn tricks for committing wholeheartedly to your passion projects — instead of admiring the progress of the followers you scroll through. Enjoy setting bigger goals, digging deeper into your relationships, and getting to know your most powerful, self-actualized, beautiful soul.





Since taking time out of your regularly scheduled life is paramount to growth; our Soul Selfie Workshops will teach you to stay open to possibilities you didn’t know possible.

Enjoy a full day retreat at the stunning Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, California. Indulge in beach yoga, a fabulous lunch, pristine views, and poetry prompts to help you link your separate selves. 



Learn how to change your subconscious thinking by omitting tension with each exhale;
gaining renewal with each inhale; pulling secrets from yourself with your pen;
and affirming your strength through rhythm, rhyme. 



"Whether you’re looking to find clarity in your life, a path to kick-start your creative juices, or you just need the time and space to be expressive and communicate with something deeper:  this is the retreat for you."

-Nia M.


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For every ticket purchased for our Soul Selfie Workshop, you are also granting a scholarship for an Orange County student to take our Reverse Selfie Workshop, a 6-week critical thinking workshop that turns the perspective from self to community.