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POP, a monthly “poetry-on-poetry" reading and writing series, is boxing up and hitting the road.

Emily Dickinson says, “I know it’s poetry when I feel the top of my head open up.” We hope this series opens the minds and muses the inspiration of our community, and now, we want to bring this experience to you personally.

Knock knock...

We’re MUSED. We’ve got poems in a variety of period, mission, celebration, cultural question, theology, and mood.

We are a vast network of artists and creatives who want to  help your event produce meaning. Choose a date, select your box, and let us build a poetry experience customized for you, your friends, your families, your colleagues, and your organizations.

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We'll bring the MUSED. Box Set: a microphone (with speaker), a podium, example poems, energy, journals, and we'll bring out your inner enlightenment through our creative writing prompts. You host your own marvelous party and we’ll muse your guests with the power of poetry.

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We'll bring food, wine, beer, live music, a photographer and the POP Box set. We will cater our example poems and poetry prompts for your audience after a one-on-one consultation (either other the phone or in person).

Yes, you want to entertain, (and we bet you look good doing it!), but as you’re walking around the party talking to people, what is it you really want to communicate? We’d like to get to the heart of your event. Let us lead your guests through our creative writing prompts. Then, let your guests surprise you with their compelling messages, customized for your celebration.



It's a catch 22 -- you want the best birthday party possible, but since you're demure, you sit back and let your friends, your co-workers, or (godforbid) your husband plan your birthday for you. And then what happens? You end up popping awkwardly into your surprise party wearing the emotional equivalent of a middle finger on your face. We've got a fix. First, we will craft personalized poetry prompts based on your preferences. Then, we'll lead your guests in exercises that highlight you. Hallmark would never in a million years put these birthday cards that your guests write you on their shelves, but you'll want to hang them all over your refrigerator.


Indulge in the juxtaposition between your friend's stories and your family's lessons. Find overlaps between where you came from and where you're going. After all, "you're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go..." (Dr. Seuss) But before you make your journey, let us help your guests create quote-worthy verses. Who knows? They might serve as maps for your trip.

Getting Married?

Wouldn’t you rather have your wedding party's rawest memories of your best friend and future mate instead of the usual prepackaged speeches? Doesn’t understanding your truest past help you support your future evolution? We can help with that. We’ve been the audience of several weddings and can only hear the same clichés so many times before we start to wonder if they were just the same brand of robots in matching suits and dresses. You deserve to live inside your very own RomCom. Our quick creative writing lessons can help turn your guests into Hollywood screenwriters.


Sniffing diapers full of chocolate --  seriously? Is this how we celebrate the arrival of the most sacred, horrifying, romantic, and honorable moment of your life? Don’t be afraid to let your friends and family share their truest secrets and memories through poems dedicated to your bundle of joy.


We’d love to help you shed some unwanted skin. We’ll lead your guests in a workshop focused on you. Having trouble remembering yourself when it was just, well, yourself? Let the people who know you explain your unique way of being. There’s nothing sweeter than sweet language directed towards you. You deserve it.


Let your ex-coworkers tell you how you've influenced them (and how jealous they are of you). Let your wife pen you honey-dos. Kick your feet up and relax, let the language and leisure of poetry wash over you. Leave early if you want to.

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Are you looking for ways to think more creatively inside the workplace? Let’s start by focusing on your creativity outside the workplace, and impose practical methods for bridging your passion to your profession. Workshop categories include: poetry to profitability, the poetry of team building, and why statements (watch this Ted Talk on the power of developing your why).

We'll bring lunch, a live musician, a photographer (if you're comfortable with this), and the POP box set with example poems and creative writing prompts.

(For groups of 20 or less.)

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Let us help your employees, volunteers, or board members see outside their individual position and see the world without your organization. How does someone who doesn’t know your NPO immediately identify with your mission? our POP Box uses metaphor, imagery, and narrative to help each participant define their own logical and emotional plea. 

We'll bring lunch, a live musician, a photographer (if you're comfortable with this), and the POP box set with example poems and creative writing prompts.

(For groups of 20 or less.)

Fine Print

As MUSED. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all gifts qualify as charitable deductions for tax purposes. All donations directly contribute toward our high school creative writing workshop, The Reverse Selfie Program. On behalf of students getting "likes" for articulating the person hiding behind their image, thank you. 


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