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A note of thanks.

This is exactly what we imagined when we dreamt of a poetry and collaborative arts nonprofit -- an opportunity to change the lives of kiddos with poetry; to bridge the gap between poetry and corporate play; and to put poetry back into the everyday affairs of the people -- including their Brazilian themed pool parties. 

So, thank you. 

Thank you so much for coming to Phenomenally : Poolside Poetry. Thanks for your scholarships. Thanks for celebrating these phenomenal women. Thanks for engaging with poetry. 

As Nicci Atchley told us, Maya Angelou's poem "Phenomenal Woman" saved her life when she was a young lady. Our fundraiser hosted by the openhearted Holly Tait Ryan and Andrew Ryan insured Tulsa Public School kiddos have an inspiring verse reverberating in their heads through our #ReverseSelfieProject

We can’t think of a better time in the history of our country for a girl to believe she can grow up and become a phenomenal woman. A woman who doesn’t have to be sold, traded, compromised, belittled, or told to be small. 

Sometimes girls need a little help along the way, so thankfully these nonprofit sector ladies are helping to raise these women, and keep them achieving goals more important than the image they create: 

Sarah NealJulia WhiteGrace GrothausNatalie DeuschleLaDonna BoydJennifer Lynn, donate their time, talent, and treasure to local organizations and we're so thankful for them. 

This remarkable experience wouldn't have come together without the help of some extraordinary folks. 

The John Regur Team helped out our volunteers with breakfast and mimosas while they pieced the details together. 

Sarah Dover and West Elm Tulsa at Utica Square added even more glam to an outrageously beautiful scene. 

Kendra Scott made sure our gentlemen guests drank beer dressed in Kendra Scott koozies, and snazzed up the neck of a few very lucky ladies. 

Rob Crissinger and Hideaway Pizza kept us loaded in dough for supplies and sent us dozens of pizzas for our after party. 

Speaking of after parties -- Russell Maloy and Premium Brands Wines and Spirits donated enough Caracas for us to celebrate our mermaid poets for an additional 4 hours. 

Don't worry. Valerie Grant Visuals captured the scene -- both in these photos and with a video (coming soon). 

Might you want more? Don't worry, Samuel Smith also covered our backs with his signature style photography (also coming soon). 

Scott Mccolley and Dustin Schluterman took such special care of us. These gentlemen followed us around and kept track of our shoes, moved furniture, refilled, refreshed, and helped us relax.






Nicci's Birthday, Janurary 22nd, 2018
 @ The Brooksider

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