It all started when…

we heard a rumor that "The Laguna Beach Greeter" was a poet.

Eiler Larsen, (a Danish vagabond who wandered through Europe, South America and across the United States before settling in Laguna at age 52) was infamous for his daily habit of standing on a street corner and greet every car and passerby.

While we haven't found evidence proving Eiler was a poet, the friendly and artistic energy of Laguna Beach make it, in our eyes, a sister city to Tulsa, Oklahoma (our birthplace) and the perfect place for a poetry and collaborative arts nonprofit.





Hosted in the cities best bars, restaurants, galleries, and event spaces, POP is a “poetry-on-poetry" reading and writing series.

Emily Dickinson says, “I know it’s poetry when I feel the top of my head open up," and in this way, we this event promises to open the minds and muse the inspiration of our community.

We perform famous poems from the past and invite our audience to write and perform poems of their own.

We eat cake, we drink, we get to know complete strangers in a wonderfully intimate way.

Join us this fall for our POP launch event at Sheila Olsen Art Gallery.

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Isn’t Leah, our Reverse Selfie Project student, beautiful? Instead of sharing a picture of her skin, Sarah wrote a poem about the person she wears as a canvas, because...

“Thought,”T.S. Eliot said, “is the silent switch that puts man’s destiny into motion."

Since beauty wasn’t ever a savings bond to cash in if things got worse, we helped Sarah dig past her surface level, flesh out her gifts, structure her goals, and reshape her universe.

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We'll bring the curriculum books, the poetry, the prompts, and the impact. 


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