Thank you for joining us for an evening focused on the healing and meditative powers of the metaphysical poets. We listened to local celebrities read the work of witty, intellectual, and highly philosophical poets including Rumi, Hafez, Khalil Gibran, and Omar Khayyám, and (of course) Kabir, whose writings influenced Hinduism's Bhakti movement.

In true POP fashion, we listened to live music, we drank fine wine, and the audience wrote and performed a poem about transforming the ordinary moments of their lives into mystical memories.

Blending eastern thought with western fun, Mystic POP at The Bhakti House helped guests clear a cluttered mind, elevate intentions, and explore inner paradoxes.

Thank you for musing with us.




The Bhakti House

Created by Ana Berry and Brian Haas, The Bhakti House Tulsa is a sacred event space which hosts workshops, musical performances and yoga classes.










“Poetry-on-poetry," is a reading and writing series hosted in Tulsa's best bars, restaurants, museums, and event spaces.

Our 'local celebrities' read famous poems of the past, then we invite our audience to write and perform original poems inspired by literary icons.

We drink. We ate cake.
We get to know complete strangers in a wonderfully, intimate way.