Name 3 living poets off the top of your head.

Now name 3 poets who have published in the last 5 years.
What are the names of their books? Who published them?

Who was the last Noble, National Book Circle, or Pulitzer Prize winning poet? Does it seem funny how the mediums of music, visual art, film, and even literature all have their designated rockstars?

Who are the movers, shakers, and movement creators
of the art of language?

How do poets view the current political, economical, health, wellness, and environmental plights of our country and world? How are poets influencing policy change and increasing world peace?

We're glad you ask!
& we think it's high time that a mass audience appreciates the roles of our poets. 





We need to hear from you.

After all, what can MUSED. do without the depth and breadth of the world's professional poets?

MUSED. is eager to build a museum of contemporary poets.
We will featuring interviews where they discuss their craft and influences outside of poetry, and link together your publications.

We appreciate your patience while we piece together funding for the build-out of a sophisticated platform, of which we intend to elevate the power of your perception.