“First you take a drink,
then the drink takes a drink,
then the drink takes you.”

- F. Scott Fitzgerald.





In honor of the literary masters who spent a good amount of their time bellied up to the bar, local bartenders will craft specialty cocktails based on the spirits of legendary authors (and indulgers) such as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker,  Anne Sexton, and more.

This event is sure to open the minds and muse the inspiration of our community, while also adding to Tulsa’s legacy as an innovative and fun cultural hub.  

LITTOX begins September 14 with a kick off event at Guthrie Green’s movie night, and ends October 14 with a wrap up cocktail dinner at 624. During the weeks in between, 7 local bars will host a reading and writing event focused on the author featured by the host bar.





connectivity through cocktails








Guests will be able to live the lives of famous authors vicariously though the cocktails they drank, and feel more connected to each other through creative messaging.









$1,000      //  THE BETTING BUKOWSKI             

* Logo on website and event signage for the final event at 624.

* Shared screen company name and logo on LITtox video

* 2 tickets and exclusive branding during 1 of 7 events on a weekday.

* Praise for your support on: NPR; Good Day Tulsa; loads of local magazines, and slathered across social media.

$5,000      //  THE MIGHTY WILDE     


* 1 table (8 seats) to the kick-off event at 624 on Thursday, April 5th. 



* Jean Charles Boisset will personally host a VIP wine tasting for you, which will include a special live auction: a chance to win a seat at the table of a JCB Winery in California with the iconic winemaker himself.



sponsorship packages




The Reverse Selfie Project is a 6-week, creative-and-critical thinking workshop hosted in Tulsa Public high schools and middle schools.  

For students who have never lived without technology at their fingertips, we are giving them a moment of stillness. This is where the difficult virtue of practice, concentration, discipline, wrestling with the ego, and revision come into practice. Our goal is to foster a new generation of curious thinkers who play an active role in the world going on around them.

We’re teaching poetry through the lens of the Reverse Selfie Project because we believe narcissists aren’t good for society. When we are the center of our world we cannot see (or serve) the real world. With the rise of a Kardashian-rich and value-poor culture, we hope to turn the perspective around from self to community.

By having the creative and critical means of analyzing our inner selves through poetry, we increase our capacity to know and care for ourselves; empowering us to contribute to our community, instead of depending on our community for resources. 

“Your generosity can cultivate change
and help students create images of hope.”

But we can’t do this without your help.

Each drink you purchase during LitTox donates $2 toward literacy in Tulsa Public Schools.

So, go ahead. Belly up, listen up, and then slug them down. Let's do it for the kids.



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