By becoming an aMUSED. member, you stay engaged in poetry -- 
delighted, instructed, and consoled.

You already know poetry awakens, enlarges, refines, and restores our humanity.
It educates our emotions. It remembers our memories.

You know MUSED. enables teachers to bring poetry into their classrooms;
And teaches students to see the picture ahead of themselves.

You stand with us.
And we support your creativity.



aMUSED. numbered membership coin

 Welcome to our club.

Wear your coin as a piece of jewelry, keep it in your pocket and rub it occasionally,
or keep it above your desk at the office.

Whatever your style,
we hope your coin reminds you what a pivotal role you play in our organization,
and also, to the keep you engaged in the poetry happening in the present tense.

When you see your coin, jot down a phrase,
the color of a strangers hair,
or a metaphor describing your cat.

Celebratory MUSED. Member Nights

Memeber events occur quarterly.

Destinations include the Summit club.
A special wine tasting at Delesandros on Sunday while they are closed.
And more.

Early admission to events

The magic of our events is in the dress rehersal. 
(The bloopers; the tuning of the guitar; the mispronunciation of post-modern verbs;
and maybe a few shots to calm the nerves.)

Let's cheers together before the show begins.
VIP seating is included.

Monthly Workshops

What are you writing about, or, what do you need to write about?

Bring your creative writing projects to our monthly workshops,
hosted in fabulous locations, and lead by members of the Tulsa Writers Fellowship.


What do you want to pay for this monthly membership?



Perks come with every membership level.

* * *

Thank you.