T.S. Eliot said, is the silent switch that sets man’s destiny in motion. 

Thought not only molds our character but is responsible for the changes in communities, the building of cities, the shaping of nations, and all of the great events that take place in the world. The trouble is that we often resort to all sorts of devices in order not to think, because thinking, actually, is really hard work. 

So, we’re taking inspiration from the great Greek thinkers who said to Know Thyself. Does it seem as if contemporary culture has skewed the value of know thyself? Instead, we are sold the romantic impulse of escapism -- Find Thyself – or are lured down the slope narcissism to -- Show Thyself.

MUSED. believes writing and reading poetry can act as a catalyst to link our conscious and subconscious mind.

Our mission

is to know ourselves. We hope to create a community of better readers -- not only of poetry -- but also of our thoughts, our actions, and our social responsibilities.

Our events and programs strive to inspire the community through reading and writing poetry, with the hope they will inspire others to engage with their community in a complex and meaningful way.

Everyone gives their life for the calling of their muse --

what’s yours?