P O P.

“Poetry-on-poetry," is a reading and writing series.

Our 'local celebrities' read famous poems
in Tulsa’s best bars, restaurants, and art galleries.

We hope this series opens the minds
and muses the inspirations of our community.

We drink. We write poems following a POP poetry prompt.
We ate cake. We get to know complete strangers
in a wonderfully, intimate way.

POP 2017 Schedule:

February 12th
Anti-Valentine's Day
July 15th Phenomenally | Pool (A ticketed event)
October 5th Artists/Poets and their muses (A Michelle Firment Reid event)
UN Women "Mrs. Jeffersonian Dinner"with Project 1948 (Details TBD)

Y O U .

Readers, writers, sponsors,
printers, volunteers, donors,

new and old friends, 2016
was an inspiring year for POP.

You're on our guest list, right?
We're looking forward to seeing you

at our podium again soon.
Or, are you interested in becoming

a celebrity reader, or a collaborative
artist?  Let's collaborate!


When you partner with MUSED. to sponsor a POP event,
you're giving Tulsans a monthly date with language play

and critical thinking. For your investment, we'll write a
poetry commercial about your brand, deliver from the stage,

and leave a long remembered metaphor of our praise.