Looking to add a touch of innovation to your gift-giving-game?
Do you want to celebrate your occasion with style; or morn with grace?

In today's creative economy, fueled largely by artisans, you can design your own sandwiches, T-shirts, houses, cars and experiences. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that some would want bespoke poetry, too.

Despite the fact that very few non-poets read poetry, people still reach for poems during life's big moments. We tend to turn to poetry—as poetry itself turns—to honor, investigate, propose, court, grieve, and speculate. These benchmarks require something more than the patterns of daily speech: they call for gravitas, for form, for the language of commemoration.  MUSED. is here to help. We’d found a collection of contemporary poets who are standing by to write your bespoke (or, bewrote) poem. 

Impress your friends and family with calorie-free buttercream paper -- filled with juicy inside jokes, steaming with secrets, or celebrating unique events -- and then lavishly wrapped in ribbon. Rhymes if you want, no extra charge. **  

Ordering is simple: 

1. fill out the form below,
2. press submit, 
3. head over to the "donate” page, 
4. drop ten bucks into the tip jar. 

Your generous donation helps cover a six-pack for the poet, and more importantly, you are helping to supply notebooks and spirals to seventh grade students of our  Janurary Reverse Selfie Project, hosted in Tulsa's School of Arts and Sciences.

Our poets will get started drafting your poem immediately. They will be contacting you for more information regarding your topic, as the form is simply a starting point. The poets may need to dive deeper, may need you to supply a color pallet, or may just simply need more of your voice to get your point across. 

** Shakespeare doesn’t live here anymore.
     iambs do cost extra.


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